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About Carwitz IV

Carwitz IV

In summer 2011 I start to build up a small mini layout. The first idea was to have a branch line arrangement where engines and vehicles could be photographed in a “life –like” surrounding. For better interchange the mini layout was planned modular.

After some talks with model railroad friends the idea arose to work out this mini layout into a functional layout. My working room has the space for at least a 2 meter point to point layout with expansion possibilities in both directions. In memory of my old Era One arrangements this layout was given the name Carwitz IV. I had the following considerations in mind:

H0 1:87 – Gleichstrom
Rail system code 75 and code 83
Digitally DCC
European Vehicles
Period from 1950 to 1960
Three to four railroad engines
15 freight cars and five passenger cars